Black & Tan

Black and tan is a nice color combination on watches. Here are a few options that deliver a varying bang for your buck, depending on what you are looking for.

Above you'll find 4 watches with a similar aesthetic and a ver similar color combination. Ranging from a humble Timex to a luxury Bell & Ross these 4 timepieces have you covered.

The Timex is a classic, simple and humble entry in to this look for watches. Offering a lot for it's price point. $65 gets you a 42mm watch with a mineral crystal and 2 year warranty. At $325 TSOVET SVT-RS40 offers swiss build quality, including a highly reliable and efficient RONDA quartz movement that is covered by a 5 year warranty and lifetime *free (doesn't include shipping) battery replacement program. The Shinola Runwell is a $600 piece that for all intensive purposes is "Made in Detroit". The movement is quite similar to that of the TSOVET, the parts are even sourced by RONDA. The Shinola however boasts a sapphire crystal and high quality Horween leather strap, which on their own account for a decent chunk of change. Then there is the Bell & Ross, perhaps the pioneer of the black & tan look and the only automatic of the bunch. Bell & Ross is known for producing high-end quality pieces, using some of the best materials and movements out there. In the case of the BR123, it's using an ETA 2892 which provides hours, minutes, seconds and date.

Each of the above watches does a good job of providing a classically analogue look that should stand the test of time, even if we are all wearing TV's on our wrists in the coming years.